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Rolf Schoenrock

My name is Rolf Schoenrock, I was born in Germany and I would like to read your past, present and future for you. In a friendly and sensitive way I am able to tell you how life and feelings are going to develop for you and for the people that are important to you. With my psychic and clairvoyant abilities it only takes me a few words of talking to connect to you and receive energies - no matter how far away you are.

As a telepathist and studied psychologist I can also tell you what people around you are thinking and feeling. I live on a small island in the Caribbean close to the ocean and I speak German and English fluently. Over thirty years ago Lynn David Martin, a Psychic from the U.S. discovered my abilities and helped me to find a way to develop them. I am very thankful for this gift that enables me to really help.

Precise situation breakdown, serious prognosis, and presentation of possibilities by experienced Telepathist and Psychic from Germany.
Knowing what someone else thinks can be very helpful. World-famous Rolf Schoenrock needs to hear your voice to pick up your energies. He feels immediately what is most important in your momentary life situation and will tell you with clear, simple and honest words what your chances are to get what you want.
Rolf worked many years in children and adolescent psychology and as a relationship specialist and marriage counselor. After his innate psychic and telepathic abilities became stronger and stronger, today he works as a psychic, mind reader, animal-communicator, medium and clairvoyant. One of his favorite pastimes is photography. Some of his photos can be seen here on the pages.

Psychic And Telepath Rolf Schoenrock Explains The Term SPIRITUAL WORLD

The SPIRITUAL WORLD is the greatest divine energy on earth. This wonderful good power always wants to promote, help and create harmony. It can not help it, otherwise, the system of billions of humans, animals, plants and things in the world would collapse. When we understand the functions of this incredibly strong force, we can use it in a positive way for ourselves and the people (animals, plants and things) we care about.

It is important to know that the subconscious of people can connect with the subconscious of other people. Whenever we get closer to a person, information is exchanged immediately at a subconscious level, as in large computer systems. We can always activate these forces, which arise through the exchange of information and energies. Animals and plants naturally use these energetic connections instinctively, they are survival techniques for them.

When we are serene and patient enough, what we call our inner voice will always try to tell us what is good and not so good for us, what opportunities our current life situation provides. That way, we can also sense what we can do to get into more comfortable areas of life permanently. For people who are not yet experienced enough in using these possibilities for themselves, there are those knowledgeable, spiritual people, e.g. psychics, clairvoyants, mind-readers, etc., from whom we can get advice.